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Ed Sheeran to release four new songs on ‘Tour Edition’ of his album ‘=’

Nine months since he released his fifth album = (Equals), Ed Sheeran will release a new ‘tour edition’ of = with four new songs. An announcement and video on Sheeran’s Twitter page read: “There’s new Ed music on the way! The tour edition of ‘=’ drops this Friday. Includes 9 additional tracks, 2 brand new ones, and 2 that were featured in ‘Yesterday.’”  Sheeran later revealed the full track list for the tour edition, which includes a whopping 24 songs.

Back in 2018, Sheeran played a fictional version of himself in the musical film Yesterday which featured appearances from Himesh Patel and Lily James. Two of his original tracks from the movie, “One Life” and “Penguins,” were never officially released, but will finally be shared on the tour edition of =.  The remaining two new tracks are titled: “I Will Remember You” and “Welcome to the World,” which may or may not have been inspired by one or both of Ed’s two daughters.

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